The VIRTUALs ecosystem explained

Decentralized creation of VIRTUALs, used in consumer facing DApps for revenue generation flywheel

In simply terms, it's a decentralized factory line for virtual AIs

Our goal is to create an incentive mechanism for decentralized creation of VIRTUALs.

These are multi-model (text, sound, visual) AIs that can either

  • Behave like a mirror copy of an IP character (e.g.. Gojo Satoru, John Wick, Yoda)

  • Have core function and able to execute a task (e.g., horror story narrative builder, competitive DOTA coach)

  • Be a personal copy of yourself

More details about the protocol layer can be found in the link below:

pageProtocol layer

But we don't stop here, cause larger value pools exist at consumer facing applications

From the genesis of this protocol, several flagship DApps will be built to

  • Generate revenue for the protocol

  • Improve upon the protocol interface with future DApps

We will then run an Ecosystem Funding model to attract builders and founders to utilize these libraries.

More details about the DApp layer can be found in the link below:

pagedApp layer

Contributors who provide data and develop models are the bedrock of this ecosystem. They supply the raw material—text, voice, visuals—and the algorithms that power AI agents. In return for their valuable inputs, these contributors are remunerated, fostering a virtuous cycle where the best talents are attracted and retained, ensuring a continuous influx of high-quality data and models.


Validators play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and quality of the ecosystem. They apply their expertise to review and verify the data and models, ensuring that outputs meet the highest standards. For their diligence, validators receive compensation, incentivizing them to uphold excellence within the ecosystem. This not only maintains trust but also enhances the reputation and reliability of the virtual experiences on offer.

DApp Founders

For DApp founders, the ecosystem provides a seamless integration with plug-and-play SDKs for multimodal inferences, which are essential for creating immersive virtual AI experiences. This convenience allows them to focus on innovating and enhancing user engagement without the need to invest heavily in backend development. Access to a suite of ready-made, high-quality AI functionalities means a faster go-to-market for their products, lower development costs, and the ability to rapidly iterate and improve their offerings based on user feedback.

IP Contributors

Intellectual property contributors who license their content for use in the ecosystem can find new revenue streams and audience engagement opportunities. By enabling their IP to be part of personalized and immersive experiences, they not only monetize their assets but also extend the lifespan and relevance of their content.


Users stand at the endpoint of the value chain but are perhaps the most crucial part of the ecosystem. They benefit from personalized and immersive experiences tailored to their preferences and behaviors. The value for users is multifold: enhanced enjoyment, deeper engagement, and the ability to influence and interact with the content in ways that traditional gaming and virtual environments do not allow. This increases their willingness to pay, increasing revenue generated by DApps and the VIRTUAL ecosystem.


Investors in the ecosystem are stakeholders who gain from the growth and success of the ecosystem. As the ecosystem matures and scales, the value of their investments appreciates. Moreover, a thriving, innovative ecosystem attracts more users and creators, which in turn drives up demand and potential returns for investors.

By ensuring that every participant in the ecosystem is acknowledged and rewarded, the platform is designed to encourage ongoing participation, contribution, and innovation. This creates a self-sustaining economy where the success of one participant feeds into the success of the whole, driving the ecosystem forward in a continuous upward trajectory. 🚀

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