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VIRTUAL Protocol aligns incentives for the decentralized creation and monetization of AI agents for every virtual interaction (gaming, metaverses, online interactions, or beyond).

Decentralized protocol that creates co-owned, human-curated, plug-and-play gaming AIs

... and an ELI5:

The VIRTUAL Protocol is like a decentralized factory that makes all sorts of AI agents (that can respond via text, voice and motion) for different virtual worlds, like games or online spaces. It's all about making and selling these AI agents in a way that everyone involved gets something out of it. Think of it as creating digital characters that can do anything from acting like a character from a movie to helping you write a horror story or even being a digital version of yourself.

To make this happen, the protocol encourages people to contribute their skills and ideas. People who add data and create AI models get paid for their work, ensuring we always have the best talent. Those who check and make sure everything works well (validators) also get rewarded. This way, we keep the quality high and everyone trusts what we make.

For the people who build apps (DApp founders) using these AI agents, it’s super easy to plug into our system and create cool, immersive experiences without a lot of technical hassle. This means they can get their products out there faster and cheaper. And for those who own the rights to certain characters or stories (IP contributors), it’s a new way to make money and keep their content popular.

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