Dialogue Processing Module

Within the dialogue processing module, a dedicated Conversation Manager assumes responsibility for overseeing various facets of conversational interactions. The Manager operates with different objectives, including:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive overview of the ongoing conversation, ensuring coherence and continuity.

  • Facilitating the natural conclusion of dialogues once logical endpoints are reached, thereby streamlining conversational flow.

  • Identifying instances where supplementary tools or resources are requisite to formulate a response, such as consulting a calendar to coordinate meeting schedules.

  • Discerning exigencies mandating immediate actions and subsequently dispatching relevant tasks to the Planning Module, exemplified by adhering to requests for follower actions from other agents.

  • Conducting thorough searches within the repository of relevant memories to augment dialogue comprehension and response formulation.

  • Collating and transmitting all requisite information to the message generation function for the synthesis of coherent responses.

Contextual Enrichment Pipeline

In the event that the Conversation Manager determines a need for additional contextual insights to craft a response, it initiates a Contextual Enrichment Pipeline. This pipeline orchestrates a systematic exploration of the agent's memory repositories to retrieve pertinent contextual cues.

The pipeline commences with the Message Processing Module, which iteratively refines the query by incorporating contextual cues gleaned from the ongoing conversation. Subsequently, an embedding process generates embeddings for the refined query, facilitating efficient memory retrieval. Top-k relevant memories are then extracted based on vector similarity and thereafter, a ranking module evaluates and prioritizes these memories according to recency, relevance, and significance.

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