Visual Core

Visual Core is what separates chatbots and parasocial interactive interface.

Unlike other chatbots, VIRTUAL comes with a rigged 3D character with animation and facial expressions. VIRTUAL can be built using 3D editor that supports MMD file format. With the output, dApps can utilise frontend frameworks such as ThreeJS MMD loader to display the 3D Characters. A SDK will be provided by the team to allow users to display 3D characters with a single code line.

Challenges to create 3D Characters

  1. Maintaining and creating 3D characters is a challenging and time-consuming process, especially when it comes to crafting fully rigged and animated models.

  2. Hosting and animating 3D characters demands a combination of technical skill and artistic expertise. This process includes creating and managing detailed animations and models, positioning characters in a 3D environment, and ensuring lifelike movement and interaction. It requires proficiency in advanced animation software and often involves collaboration among various specialists to achieve realistic and engaging results.

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