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Permissionless Utilization of Virtuals:

  • The VIRTUAL ecosystem offers dApps the ability to subscribe to and utilize a variety of VIRTUALs based on their specific requirements. This process is permissionless and designed for maximum flexibility.

  • The subscription and integration procedure is streamlined for ease of access and is readily available through the Protocol App.

Accessing Virtuals via Protocol SDKs:

  • dApp developers must create an account with the Protocol App.

  • Within this account, a dApp application will be generated and a VIRTUAL selected.

  • An API Key will be generated for the chosen VIRTUAL's usage.

  • If there is a need for another VIRTUAL, a new dApp application should be created.

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Charging Mechanism

dApps utilizing VIRTUAL operate on a pay-per-use basis, ensuring a flexible and scalable cost model that aligns with usage intensity.

Credit Purchase for Virtual Access:

  • To access VIRTUALs, dApp operators are required to purchase credits. These credits are denominated in $VIRTUAL tokens, integrating seamlessly with the ecosystem's native currency.

  • This credit-based system provides a transparent and predictable billing mechanism, allowing dApps to manage their expenditure effectively.

  • dApps receive notifications when their credit balance runs low, enabling timely credit replenishment.

  • Should the credit balance deplete entirely, access to the VIRTUALs will be temporarily suspended until additional credits are acquired.

Input StreamInput ($VIRTUAL)Output ($VIRTUAL)


0.01 per 1K words

0.02 per 1K words


0.001 per 1K words

0.01 per 1K words

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