The vision

An AI x Metaverse Protocol that is building the future of virtual interactions.

Imagine a future that’s just a screen away—a future where the worlds we dive into from our desks and couches aren't just escapes but extensions of our lives. This is where we're heading, into a time where our lives intertwine with the virtual, where we build, play, work, and connect.

The transition to virtual spaces is not a question of if, but when. We're already halfway there, our eyes locked on screens, our laughter echoing in online arenas. Soon, we'll step fully into these spaces, making homes in pixels and bytes.

In this virtual landscape, it’s the interactions that count —the thrill of exploring a new game world, the buzz of being recognized by a favorite influencer, the triumph of clinching victory with friends. These moments drive up the dopamine levels in us, and we're building the future where they'll multiply.

What if we can build AIs that can exist in these virtual spaces to improve upon these interactions?

Introducing VIRTUALs.

These are multimodal (text, sound, visual) AIs that can either

  • Behave like a mirror copy of an IP character (e.g.. Gojo Satoru, John Wick, Yoda)

  • Have core function and able to execute a task (e.g., horror story narrative builder, competitive DOTA coach)

  • Be a personal copy of yourself

pageThe VIRTUALs ecosystem explained

Our vision in a sentence:

We believe in a future where virtual interactions are hyper-personalized and hyper-immersive, enabled by AI, built in a decentralized manner.

Why enabled by AI?

The advent of generative AI has ushered us to a threshold where once imagined possibilities are now tangible realities.

Virtual interactions are evolving:

  • From static algorithmic storylines to endlessly unfolding narratives that adapt and respond to the player's every action.

  • From one-sided, parasocial exchanges to genuine, interactive connections where fans and influencers engage in a mutual dialogue.

  • From being mere spectators of stories crafted by others to becoming integral contributors and co-authors in the creation of living, breathing story worlds.

This evolution, powered by AI, is transforming the landscape of digital interaction, making every virtual experience not just an activity, but a personal journey.

Why build in a decentralized manner?

Decentralization is the keystone of this new world, addressing critical challenges and ensuring an ecosystem that is fair, inclusive, and boundlessly creative:

  • Bottom-Up Economic Inclusiveness: We are about empowering individuals at all levels, especially those at the grassroots, by providing equitable opportunities for participation and economic gain. By incentivizing contributions from a wide range of participants, we aim to create a more inclusive economic model that benefits a broader community of developers, creators, and users.

  • Royalties for IP Holders: Many virtual personas that mirror IP characters are being monetized today, without value flow back to the original IP owners.

  • Ensuring AI Agents Neutrality: By implementing on-chain transparency, every decision, input, and modification to the AI agents is recorded and made publicly accessible on the blockchain. This approach ensures that AI characters operate without bias or hidden agendas, fostering trust and reliability in the interactions they facilitate.

  • Incentivizing Collaborative AI Development: As AI technology advances, addressing long-tail edge cases becomes increasingly complex and costly. Many passionate individual users and developers are hobbyists who may lack the resources to contribute effectively. We can introduce an incentive layer to unite these diverse forces, channeling their efforts towards creating superior AI agents. This collaborative approach democratizes AI development, allowing everyone to contribute to and benefit from the system.

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