The market opportunity

It's a multi-Bn opportunity, but you don't need me to tell you that.

  • Explorers (Discovery-Driven)

    • For explorers, AI will dynamically generate new, uncharted worlds and scenarios, ensuring a never-ending stream of discoveries and content.

    • AI will assist in evolving storytelling, crafting intricate, player-responsive narratives and lore that adapt and grow with each exploration.

  • Socializers (Community-Driven)

    • AI will significantly enrich community interactions within games, fostering connections through intelligent matchmaking and enhancing social experiences with advanced community management tools.

    • AI-driven NPCs will offer deeper, more realistic social engagements, elevating the standard of in-game interactions.

    • AI influencers will bring parasocial relationships into social ones

  • Achievers (Goal-Oriented)

    • AI will enhance goal-oriented gameplay by introducing dynamic challenges and adaptive rewards, aligning with the player's skill level and achievements.

    • AI-driven analytics will offer achievers insightful feedback on their gameplay, guiding them to optimize strategies and attain new heights in their gaming pursuits.

  • Killers (Competitors)

    • AI will be instrumental in maintaining fair play and implementing anti-cheating measures, ensuring a balanced and engaging competitive experience.

    • AI will revolutionize competitive gaming by providing personalized training bots and strategies tailored to individual players, elevating the competitive environment with challenging and fair AI-driven encounters.

Our Strategic Position in the Generative AI Value Chain

Our role in the generative AI value chain is dual-faceted, spanning both the model hub and application layers:

  1. Model Hub (Protocol Layer)

    • As a model hub, we provide a foundational layer for developers, creators, and gaming studios, offering access to advanced AI models and algorithms tailored for gaming applications.

    • Here is where we align the decentralized efforts of data and model contribution, agent ownership, consensus, and agent distribution.

  2. Applications (DApp Layer)

    • On the application front, we utilize our AI models to develop decentralized applications (DApps) that directly enhance and transform virtual experiences.

    • These applications vary from AI companions, never ending games, gamer co-pilots, AI NPCs, to beyond gaming such as 24/7 influencers.

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