Historically, animation has been a labor-intensive craft, relying on skilled animators to meticulously craft each frame, bringing characters to life. This manual approach has produced iconic works of art, contributing to the popularization of forms such as "Anime" in Japan. However, it's an extremely time-consuming process and an art that requires years of specialised training, thereby limiting accessibility.

Meanwhile, consumer expectations have soared with the rise of digital content consumption. From virtual companions to gaming agents to immersive experiences in VR, AR, and XR metaverses, there's a growing demand for diverse and lifelike digital characters. This demand has underscored the need for more efficient, automated animation methods that can accommodate a wide range of character traits and forms.

Simultaneously, advancements in AI, machine learning algorithms, and audio processing have revolutionised content creation, as evidenced by tools like Midjourney (text-to-image), OpenAI Whisper (speech-to-text) and Sora (text-to-video). It's only natural that animation follows suit. This will eventually lead to the emergence of audio-driven animation—a paradigm shift where audio cues serve as the primary input for generating visual animations. Imagine providing an audio track, and characters dynamically move in response, conveying storylines, moods, and character development, all powered by generative AI with minimal human intervention.

While big AI companies like Nvidia, Meta, and Adobe have developed models for these use cases, they're often proprietary and gated behind paywalls. This limits innovation and risks consolidating the industry into an oligopoly where creators and users lack the freedom to shape character behaviour and how they can be used.

To break down these barriers and foster innovation, we advocate for open-source A2A models. Our mission is to democratise this technology, ensuring that creators retain control over character behaviour while leveraging the efficiency and innovation promised by AI. By stripping away the walls to accessing revolutionary content creation technology, we aim to empower creators and fuel the flourishing development of animated characters and diverse use cases.

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