Contribute to Visual Core

To contribute to the Visual Core, contributors can focus on several areas:

  1. Enhancing or Adding New Animations: This involves improving existing animations or creating new, dynamic animations to enrich the visual experience.

  2. Enhancing or Adding New Facial Expressions: Contributors can work on refining or introducing additional facial expressions to make 3D characters more expressive and lifelike.

  3. Enhancing Existing 3D Characters: This includes upgrading the visual elements of current 3D characters, such as textures, models, or overall design, to enhance their appearance and realism.


  1. The motion file name should be meaningful and follow the structure: <emotion_actionName_facialExpression>.VMD This allows for correct data mapping to be performed.

  2. When labeling the motion file, please select from the following emotions:

    • anger 🤬

    • disgust 🤢

    • fear 😨

    • joy 😀

    • neutral 😐

    • sadness 😭

    • surprise 😲

  3. Please make sure your file output is in following format.

    • 3D Characters: MikuMikuDance (MMD file format), glTF (Graphics Library Transmission Format or GL Transmission Format

    • Animations & Facial Expression: Vocaloid Motion Data (VMD file format), fbx file format

  4. There should be a data mapping file submitted that labels the motion file, as shown in the following example:


"fileUrl": <s3url>
"fileName": <emotion_facialexpression_action>
"emotion": <emotionLabel>
"category": "facialExpression" | "action"
"action": <actionName> 


"fileUrl": <s3url>
"fileName": "happy_smile",
"emotion": "happy"
"category": "facialExpression"
"action": "smile"
"fileUrl": <s3url>
"fileName": "happy_smile_waving",
"emotion": "happy"
"category": "action"
"action": "waving"

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