Jansen | core contributor #001 | Ethermage

Mined his first Ethereum in April 2016. Former BCG consultant and a serial entrepreneur in deep tech, specializing in AI and biochemistry. Imperial College London graduate.

Weekee | core contributor | everythingempty

BTC / ETH since 2016. Former BCG consultant and private equity. Imperial College London graduate.

Bryan | AI core contributor

AI researcher at the Adaptive and Intelligent Robotics Lab at Imperial College London.

Matthew Stewart | AI core contributor

Postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University in the Edge Computing Lab.

Javier | AI core contributor

5+ years experience in AI and Data Science. Engineering from Imperial College London. Development of LoRAs for Stable Diffusion, Nested LLM Pipeline, Voice Models.

Ernest | AI core contributor

Kaggle Competitions Grandmaster. Staff data scientist for fintech giant. Harvard and Carnegie Mellon graduate.

Bernard | AI core contributor

Former Head of AI/ML. PhD in Physics from Cambridge University.

Viktor | AI core contributor

AI researcher on speech processing and computer vision models.

Matthew | Ecosystem core contributor

Engineering from Cambridge University. Former BCG consultant.

Gwen | Ecosystem core contributor

ex-BNB Chain / Binance, Meta.

Serkan | Gaming core contributor

Founder of Japan game market consulting agency. Animoca Brands game market advisor.

WeiXiong | Engineering core contributor

Developer, and data engineer for fintech giants. Smart contracts and on-chain delivery of co-generative NFT art. Imperial College London graduate.

Kahwai | Engineering core contributor

Built L1 blockchain, crypto mining farm management tools, crypto algo trading bots

Brianna | Engineering core contributor

Product and Data Engineering. Imperial College London graduate.

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