$VIRTUAL - protocol token

The $VIRTUAL token is the primary utility and governance token of the Virtual protocol. Its key utilities include:

  1. Development Incentivisation: $VIRTUAL tokens reward contributors who upload and update the Virtual agent stack, and validators who review submissions and decide reward allocations. This system ensures ongoing quality and innovation in virtual agents, with X% (TBD) of tokens going to each group.

  2. Support and Emission Decision: Token holders directly influence the development of virtual agents. The number of tokens staked determines the development support (i.e. token emission) a Virtual Agent receives, aligning resource allocation with community interest.

  3. Governance of Treasury: Token holders govern the protocol’s treasury, influencing financial strategies and ecosystem development.

  4. Buyback Scheme: A portion of revenue from DApps using virtual agents is used to repurchase $VIRTUAL tokens, enhancing the token's value and ecosystem stability.

  5. Airdrop Benefits: In line with the roadmap, token stakers receive airdrops for new token offerings related to virtual agents or DApps, encouraging long-term engagement.

The $VIRTUAL token is central to the Virtual protocol, supporting a range of functions from incentivization to financial management and fostering a community-driven ecosystem.

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