Planning Module

Long-term Mapping and Immediate Task Provision

The Planning Module orchestrates the formulation of long-term, multi-step blueprints, while concurrently furnishing the agent with actionable directives for immediate execution.

Daily Strategic Mapping Framework

Each day within the game domain, the Planning Module produces a macro-level strategic itinerary tailored to the agent's objectives. This comprehensive plan draws upon an array of essential information, including:

  • Agent's Cognitive Profile: Incorporating insights into the agent's personality traits, belief systems, hobbies, and interpersonal relationships.

  • Agent's Current Objectives: Factoring in the agent's prevailing goals and aspirations.

  • Agent's Calendar Scheduling: Integrating the agent's pre-existing commitments and engagements.

  • World Dynamics: Encompassing an understanding of the game environment's rules, constraints, and contextual limitations.

  • Location-specific Dynamics: Curating insights into available activities and opportunities at various locales within the game universe.

This holistic view of data leads to the generation of a high-level strategic plan, delineating overarching objectives and milestones for the agent to pursue.

The Planning Module decomposes tasks into granular subtasks to facilitate operational granularity and task execution. For instance, a high-level objective such as "improve piano skills" may be deconstructed into subtasks such as "going to a music school" and "practice piano," each accompanied by a predefined duration.

In the event of unforeseen disruptions necessitating reactive responses, such as encountering an injured agent within a game that requires immediate assistance, the Planning Module recalibrates strategic plans, regenerating tasks from the current timestamp to accommodate emergent exigencies while ensuring coherence with the agent's overarching objectives.

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