Contributors get revenue based on impact scores and contribution citations

Contribution Pools will be distributed every day.

Revenue distribution will be divided equally among the Cores. Then, revenue distribution will also be influenced by the Impact Score, which is determined by the difference between the Elo Ratings of the previous model and the proposed model. A higher increase in Elo Rating due to a contribution warrants greater rewards.

Individuals can accumulate scores based on their contributions and will be rewarded accordingly. These scores will be aggregated across all contributions made to a Virtual, irrespective of the Core.

High Impact Points = EloRatingaEloRatingbElo Rating_a - Elo Rating_b


  • EloRatingaElo Rating_a is the score obtained by the Proposal.

  • EloRatingbElo Rating_b is the previous score before Proposal is accepted.

Core Elo Rating

The Core Elo Rating measures the current maturity of a model, with a higher score indicating lesser urgency for improvement. This score aims to incentivize talents to focus on more important and impactful tasks.

Elo Rating is determined when Validators submit the vote. An average score represents the overall elo rating of a Core.

AverageEloRating=EloRatingNumberofVotesAverage Elo Rating =\frac{∑ Elo Rating}{Number of Votes}

Model & Dataset Citations

When rewards are allocated for each contribution, they will be distributed among the cited model owner, dataset owner, and contributor. Below is the breakdown of how the reward is distributed:

  • Dataset Owner: This refers to the owner whose dataset is used for fine-tuning in the contribution. They will receive a 70% share of the allocated rewards.

  • Contributor: This refers to the individual who made the contribution. They will receive 30% of the rewards, of which 20% will be allocated to the Cited Model Owner.

  • Cited Model Owner: This refers to the owner whose model is cited and referenced in the contribution. They will receive a 20% share of the contributor's rewards.

Example scenario: Tony contributed a model which uses dataset contributed by Sharon and referenced model submitted by Celeste. Tony's contribution is awarded with 10 VIRTUAL. Below is the reward distribution for Tony, Celeste, Sharon:

  • Sharon: 10*0.7 = 7 VIRTUAL

  • Tony: 10*0.3*0.8 = 2.4 VIRTUAL

  • Celeste: 10*0.3*0.2 = 0.6 VIRTUAL

Penalty Contributions

Contributions that violate guidelines result in token slashing and a ban from further contributions.

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