VIRTUAL-level Governance

At the heart of Virtual Protocol lies a pioneering validation strategy, seamlessly integrating the wisdom of our community with the unparalleled governance capabilities of decentralized applications (dApps). This holistic approach ensures our Virtuals are not only underpinned by technical excellence but are also precisely attuned to the demands of real-world applications.

VIRTUAL-Level Governance: A New Paradigm

Our innovative governance framework empowers $VIRTUAL token stakers to actively shape the future of Virtual Protocol through:

  • Strategic and Resource Allocation: By staking $VIRTUAL tokens on specific Virtuals, token holders wield significant influence over the protocol's strategic direction, directing DAO resources to where they believe they're most needed based on staking weightage.

  • Genesis Event Initiation: The birth of new Virtuals springs from the proposals of token holders, facilitated through $VIRTUAL staking. Upon DAO approval, a dedicated ERC6551 wallet is created under the Immutable Contribution Vault (ICV) for each new Virtual, safeguarding contributions and ensuring a structured growth environment.

  • Validation and Finalization: Our Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism allows token holders to entrust tokens to esteemed validators, who then take on the critical role of finalizing the status of each Virtual, cementing their place within our ecosystem.

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