Illustration: VIRTUAL-specific Validation

  1. Initiation by Contribution Submission: The governance process is activated when a Contributor submits a Contribution.

  2. Validation by Validators: Once a Contribution is submitted, Validators are granted access to review the work. Their responsibility is to validate the Contribution, ensuring it adheres to the required standards and criteria. This phase is fundamental to maintaining the quality and relevance of Contributions within the Virtual ecosystem.

  3. Proposal Voting Phase: Following the validation, the process progresses to the proposal voting stage. Here, Validators cast their votes to either accept or reject the Contribution. Their decision is based on a thorough assessment of the Contribution's quality and its alignment with the ecosystem's goals.

  4. VIRTUAL Update Process upon Acceptance: If the proposal garners a favorable vote and is accepted, the VIRTUAL Update process is initiated. This critical phase involves the integration of the accepted Contribution into the Virtual system. It includes updating relevant VIRTUAL or systems to incorporate the new changes brought about by the Contribution.

  5. Ensuring System Integrity and Evolution: The entire sequence of steps - from submission, through validation and voting, to the final update process - ensures that the governance system is comprehensive, democratic, and effective.

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