dApp pays $VIRTUAL to the Protocol

pay per use, buys VIRTUAL, then distribute VIRTUAL

At the end of each month, the VIRTUAL Protocol calculates the total revenue generated from dApps and proceeds with its distribution. The revenue is allocated as follows: 10% is earmarked for the Protocol itself, while the remaining 90% is distributed among the Virtuals.

To illustrate this, let's consider a scenario where the total revenue is 100 $VIRTUAL:

  1. Protocol's Share: 10% of the revenue, which in this case amounts to 10 $VIRTUAL (10% of 100 $VIRTUAL), is allocated to the Protocol.

  2. Distribution to VIRTUALs: The remaining 90% of the revenue, equating to 90 $VIRTUAL (90% of 100 $VIRTUAL), is distributed to various VIRTUALs.

This structured approach ensures that a significant portion of the revenue directly benefits the VIRTUALs, while also supporting the ongoing development and maintenance of the Protocol.

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