$xVIRTUAL Token Delegation via DPos

VIRTUAL stakers can delegate any amount of their stake to a Virtual validator through a process called delegation.

Delegation on Virtual Protocol works like this:

  • A VIRTUAL staker, i.e., a delegator, also called a nominator, stakes with a VIRTUAL validator, making this VIRTUAL validator a delegate of the VIRTUAL. This provides support to the delegate as the delegate's effective stake becomes larger, which increases the delegate's impact on the VIRTUAL Validation.

A nominator is a delegating authority

A nominator is the same as a delegating authority. Typically a nominator is an owner of $xVIRTUAL tokens, looking to stake in any VIRTUAL without doing any validating tasks.

  • The delegate (the VIRTUAL validator) then pools all such delegated stake, along with their own stake, and uses this total stake to perform validation tasks in the VIRTUAL. Regular staking rewards, in proportion to the total stake of the delegate, are credited to the delegate as a result of such validation tasks.

  • After deducting a percentage for the delegate, these staking rewards are given back to the delegate's nominators.

Delegate take %

The default value of the delegate take rate is 10%.

Becoming a delegator

To receive staking rewards without undertaking the work of validation, you can become a delegator. To do this, simply choose a Validator to whom you will delegate and authorize the activity.

Becoming a validator

To join our ranks and contribute to shaping the future of virtual models, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess an Account with Virtual Protocol App.

  • Stake at least 10 $xVIRTUAL tokens in a VIRTUAL.

  • Support for the Virtual Protocol’s mission of creating unparalleled virtual experiences by promoting only the highest quality models.

  • The commitment to making impartial, objective decisions on models, upholding fairness and avoiding any collusion among validators or contributors.

  • The ability to discern low-quality datasets in text or voice, with guidance from our protocols.

  • Adherence to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 1.5 days for each contribution, ensuring timely and efficient validations.

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